Tony Shannon
/ President

Attended University of Georgia as a Music Theory major to further develop 15 previous years of classical music training. Tony is a twenty-fire year veteran of custom design, coordination and fabrication of unique projects. His background includes projects that range from architectural and display to staging and communication venues. The evolution of VisionQuest is the direct result of his experience and working with others in creating solutions to extraordinary challenges.

Business History:

• 1987- to Present Founder and President of VisionQuest Design & Production, Inc, a company specializing in the development of custom projects. VisionQuest was incorporated in 1997.
• 1984 to 1987 Lead Designer for custom display and architectural projects at Creative Systems Group, Inc.
• 1983 to 1996 Technical Director and Set Designer for the Creative Resource Group, Inc. a corporate media and event production company.
ª 1984 to 1987 Custom Projects Designer and Coordinator for Creative Resource Group, Inc. / Architectural Signing Inc.
• 1980 to 1984 Head of Robotic & Electronics Division for Creative Systems Group, Inc.
ª 1973 to 1980 Studio Musician, Audio Engineer, Producer and Studio Manager for Melody Recording Studios.