Space City Theme Park / Theatre
Shanghai / Peoples Republic of China

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From previous project referrals, we were contacted to develop a theatre in an amusement park in Shanghai, China. The park was called Space City and carried a “Space” theme throughout. The Chinese people have had very little exposure prior to this regarding accomplishments made in space exploration. We designed the interior of the theatre for a widescreen multimedia surround sound presentation. The 7 minute show, which ran continuously during park open hours, seven days a week, was completely self contained and started with the push of one button by a park employee.

VisionQuest developed the show using a combination of NASA and Russian Space Agency images to give the project a more international feel. We developed the script, had it translated and performed in Cantonese, produced and recorded an original music score and put together all of the elements to create a final production.

The building, The Pearl Tower, is the tallest building on the continent of Asia. The
theater is in the top of the large sphere, which is about 40 floors over the street.