CORE Software - Digital Donor Editor

CORE Digital Donor Software is a proprietary program that allows the client to easily edit list, names and individual letters.


CORE features include the ability to:
• instantly change video backgrounds
• control speed of scrolling text
• rotate text and video to orientate as needed
• adjust text line spacing and width
• control full scaling with independent text and video control

Making adjustments to add new donors or edit an existing one is very quick, and can be done in real time - even while the video is running. If internet access is provided VisionQuest can provide assistance or manage updates for you.

CORE lite

CORE lite -
Up to 750 lines of text
• Choice of 2 backgrounds
• Supports a single screen up to 2560 x 1600 resolution


Up to 2,000 lines of text
• Choice of 4 backgrounds
• Supports seamless videowalls
• Can be used with one, two or three video screens


Up to 10,000 lines of text
• Choice of 8 backgrounds
• Supports seamless videowalls
• Interactive support
• Multi source synchronization
• Flexible to fit screens with varying formats and resolution

Control Screen Shots

Full donor list from Word or Excel can be pasted or individual names or letter characters can be edited.

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A simple interface provides access to parameters of text, image and other functions.

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Our Donor Recognition Systems are offered at 3 different levels of Software. This, combined with Content and Hardware options, allows VisionQuest to assist institutions of all sizes in finding the best solution for their Donor Recognition needs..