CORE lite - Digital Donor Recognition System

Developed to fit the needs of a large variety of end users and donor bases, we have designed our Donor Recognition Systems with the flexibility to needed to be the solution for institutions of all sizes.

CORE lite Digital Donor Recognition Systems

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CORE lite movie)

include the following features:
Up to 750 lines of text
• Choice of 2 backgrounds
Supports a single screen up to 2560 x 1600 resolution
All CORE systems are designed to work with any single High Definition Plasma, LED or LCD display screen. Our clients can take advantage of a large range of currently available screen sizes and features to best fit their needs and budgets.

For more limited use, a consumer grade video screen may work. However, in most cases a commercial grade display designed for long hours of continued use is recommended.

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As with Software and Hardware, there are a lot of options to consider when thinking about Content to support your Digital Donor Recognition System. In addition to an accessible Donor List to acknowledge your benefactors, you now also have the ability to share additional information about the facility, personnel, services, and much more. Backgrounds can vary from license free abstracts to custom produced HD full motion videos. Information can be displayed as movies, still images and / or text.

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