Interactive 12K Video Wall
Thibodaux Regional Wellness Center
Education Center

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As you enter the facility, you immediately notice the Education Center to the right with three 3 x 3 touchscreen video walls. Thibodaux Regional Wellness Center (TRWC) wanted to use these walls to capture the attention of guests and give them an opportunity to learn about the building, it's doctors, services, and about health through success stories and testimonials. As a point of impact, the three walls display 12K video images based on motion and still photos native to the region. But taking that a step further, each 3 x 3 video wall is individually interactive providing multiple touch stations for visitors to interact with the content. 

We live in a world that is adapting to 4K video which makes working in a 12K environment an aggressive undertaking. On top of that, the design for the interactive components needed to be done in such a way that it didn't distract from the "big picture". And although you're working with a large image that is impressive from across the room, what you can actually interact with at arms length are two different things in scope and size. So a transparency on interactive layers was required to allow for multiple focal points to work at both distances simultaneously.  A "Touch Here" icon lays on top of the 12K background to initiate an interactive session on each video wall.

Since 12K video doesn't actually exist yet, we had to come up with a way to create it using three 4K cameras and a custom fabricated mount to record and sync the images. Then this assembly had to fit on to a jib / crane, golf cart, a pickup truck and even an air boat to get the range of footage required. The blank spaces in the room located between the three video walls was also taken into consideration to allow for a realistic transition from one screen to another.  Custom software was developed to provide and control the interactive transparency of the interactive layer, creating a platform for the multiple focal points required.

The VisionQuest team was able to deliver everything TRWC requested and more. The images are stunning using a combination of 12K video, Osmo and 4K drone photography techniques, computer graphics, and the interactivity which now includes facility maps, individual health test and medical information. 

But once we completed this task, we weren't finished. With the hardware in place and Savant providing control of all of the AV systems in the Education Center - we set up each video wall to be used with Blu-ray, Cable/SAT and local HDMI inputs. So now they can also use the space for a variety of events ranging from live presentations to video game tournaments or even watching a major football game. An isolation sound dome is located over each video wall to minimize noise in the space during normal interactive use. Stereo speakers on top of each wall provide room audio and speaker support.