Team Overview:

Each project is a true team effort. Engaging only the specialists needed for any given project allows us the flexibility needed for today’s increasingly complex creative environment. Simply put, our clients are only charged for the talents directly involved with their projects and not the excessive overhead usually associated with many larger staffed organizations. Once a project challenge has been defined, the proper team members are brought on board and contribute their expertise from the beginning towards a solution. Options are considered which affect design intent, function and budget and these are explained to the client to aid in choosing the best direction to fit the need. This team concept is common to many creative environments and adapts well to the development of specialized architectural and entertainment related features. Using an ever-growing group of dependable associates over the past 30 (+) years, we have developed the resources to turn ideas into realities.

Who Is VisionQuest?

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President -
Tony Shannon
Vice President R&D - Christopher Shannon
Communications Director - Jim Dellas
House of Worship Director - Mike Shetler
Software Development - Richard Blesdale
Lighting Designer - Brad Malkus
Lighting Designer - David George
Art Director - Barry Williams