Interactive Children’s Lobby
Wake Forest University
Brenner Children’s Hospital / Winston Salem, North Carolina

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Project architects, Stanley Beaman & Sears are well known for their "Special Feature" designs. For this project, they wanted something that would reinforce the thematic design incorporated into each individual floor of the new building and also provide an interactive and educational element for the children. VisionQuest designed and developed an interactive playspace using ultrasonic sensors which allows the kids to control a 38’ wide x 16’ high video wall by stepping onto icons of light projected on the floor. For example, if a child steps into the light with an icon of a fish - ocean images from the Cousteau Society appear on the wall. If they step on the light that looks like a star - images of space from NASA appear. Surround sound audio and theatrical lighting enhance the experience. VisionQuest developed this project over a period of two years and assisted in finding donors to provide the images to the hospital free of charge.

A 3-D walk-through model was made to help everyone involved understand the “vision”. You can view it by
clicking here . . .