CORE - Digital Donor Recognition System

The second level of CORE software provides additional features and flexibility to those found in the CORE lite version.  You now have the ability to drive up to three additional display screens and display more than twice the content. 

CORE Digital Donor Recognition Systems

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offer the following features:
Up to 2,000 lines of text
• Choice of 4 backgrounds
• Supports standard video formats and extended seamless videowall displays
• Works with one, two or three video screens
Now with the added ability to expand your choices in video displays, this level of CORE can be used on systems incorporating up to 3 individual displays arranged in either horizontal or portrait mode.  Display options can vary incorporating bezels of all widths.  

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Quality of images, as well as orientation and supplementing an idea are all important in the selection of images.  As a video display grows in size, so do the pixels displayed.  Therefore, the need to maintain high quality resources have an impact on the successful presentation of the end product.  When suitable stock images and footage provided by the client aren't an option, options of commercially available stock and custom images can be used.  Where appropriate, stock images offer the next best affordable solution. 

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