The Process

VisionQuest has developed a way to divide projects into definable phases. This allows our client the opportunity to make some decisions as the ideas come to life. Most projects are divided into the following three phases.

Phase One / Programming and Conceptual Design:
During this phase, we determine the needs of the client and research the various technologies that might apply. The client is provided with a list of options and rough budgets to help understand the cost of technologies involved.

Phase Two / Design Development:
Having made decisions based on practical applications of both technology and budget, a direction is chosen from the information provided in Phase One and during Phase Two, the idea is further refined to include all associated trades and necessary design documentation as it will be applied. Budgets are refined and a firm cost is determined.

Phase Three / Project Implementation:
This is the actual production phase in which all fabrication, programming, media development, coordination and installation are made.

By approaching a project in this way, the client has minimal exposure in Phase One and the opportunity to make modifications if needed before committing to move forward. The Design Development done in Phase Two is approached with the critical information in place. And as a final check, both of the above are in place before the more costly expenses in Phase Three are incurred.