CORE Content

Now that you've picked a level of CORE software that best suits your need and chosen your viewing hardware, it's time to think about Content. These first two items are critical in providing a foundation for your Donor or Interactive Videowall, but it's the Content that gives your Videowall life.

The Challenges:
It's important that with your goals in mind, consideration is given in regards to how to display your information, communicate your message, compliment your environment and provide a positive experience to the viewers. The possibilities to achieve these goals at times seem almost endless. Quality of the content must also be kept in mind as whatever is shown on the display screen is a reflection of you. Size and scale come into play in picking this material. Does it fit the screen format? Will it still look good when shown at a large size?

Once again, thinking of this as levels of execution, in it's basic form, all content would be comprised of materials owned and provided by the client. This information would be edited and produced to make up your Content.

Taking this one step further, we would integrate commercially stock motion video or still images to help "tell the story" or "share a message".

And then last, taking a more custom approach, we would produce new content when appropriate to support your vision.

Adding audio is also a possibility, but keep in mind that this may be playing for long periods of time and the hearing the same audio throughout the day isn't recommended. We have found limited audio to be a useful tool in supporting interactive elements. For example, if a child presses a button and sees and hears a short video clip in response, the audio enhances the interactive experience.