Digital Donor Recognition Systems

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VisionQuest, introduces CORE, our user friendly Digital Donor Editor that is now available as a part of our turn-key Digital Donor Recognition Systems. Now there is a new and refreshing way to recognize donors that takes advantage of convenient software updates and can even replace dated wall plaques. Healthcare organizations, universities and museums of all sizes can easily acknowledge and thank their benefactors while providing a more efficient use of interior space to coordinate with the environment and engage people in a positive way.

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Each element of our CORE Systems - Software, Hardware and Content, are designed to provide the flexibility required to fit the specific needs of a wide range of clients.

CORE Software Options

To learn more about our software options or see examples, click on the thumbnail pics below to enlarge or text links for additional information.

Hardware Options

The choices for Hardware in a Digital Donor Recognition System can go far beyond that typically found in digital signage. In some cases, the variety of sizes available for a single flat screen video display offer the perfect solution. At other times, stretching the imagination better meets the vision of the client. We help guide you through the process to understand the ups and down of the various technologies available, the infrastructure support required and the cost involved.

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Content Options

As with Hardware, Content also has a wide array of options. Content can come from the client's archives and resources, commercially available stock images and video footage, and can be custom produced to exactly fit a message the client wants to convey. It could be done with a "canned" approach but we prefer to work with our clients to help them get the results they are looking for. By guiding you through the process and options, we can help you in determining the best direction to take in achieving your goals.

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