Miller Pride Award and Dinner Banquet
Miller Brewing Company
Walt Disney World / Orlando, Florida

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The challenge was to design a surrealistic 3-dimensional set with a time based theme to be used for a one-day event. We fabricated a set from EPS foam that incorporated various elements of time. The set included forced perspective construction, mechanically animated components, programmable fiber optic background, stage lighting, mist generators, and laser effects.

Weight is an important factor when designing a set for temporary use. By using lightweight materials, the 13’ tall Greek columns weighed only 16 pounds each. The whole screen surround/building was approximately 140 pounds. In fact, the entire set, which covered an 80’ wide stage, weighed less than 500 pounds.
Video projection, light design, laser components, and audio all came together with the initial set concept to produce a dynamic and memorable event. The center cluster of components are made in such a way that they give the feeling of infinite depth in an area that is only four feet deep. For a sense of scale, the rear projection screen surround/building is over 17’ tall. The sundial on the floor and the moon, which holds the swinging pendulum, are both 8’ in diameter. The constellation field in the moon face also rotates.